Local recovery plan exposes the Government's claims on NHS
20 Mar 2005
News that the local Primary Care Trust plans to reduce staff costs by 5% as part of its plans to balance the books by the end of March next year show how vulnerable this Government is to criticism that there is a gap between rhetoric and reality.
"We are told that they plan to double the amount spent on health and that record sums are being invested; but what happens to all the monmey on the journey between Whitehall and Andover?"
"Locally, we are told policies are being developed for any necessary redundancies, while Government boasts about record recruitment. We are told that the current bed stock will be reduced, and that wards may be re-configured - driven not by medical priorities but by the need to save funds."
"This simply reinforces my long-held view that Hampshire gets a raw deal out of the present system of distributing money - we get the lowest amount per capita of anywhere in England. The local Trust cannot provide the standard of service my constituents are entitled to unless that formula is revisited and changed."
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Next news: Swell Party swells coffers for Age Concern

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