On the Mayoral Campaign Trail
19 Feb 2000

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Out on the campaign trail in West London on Saturday Feb 19th were Sir George and his former Junior Minister at the Department of Transport, Steve Norris.
“I worked with Steve at Transport in the last Parliament. He was a Minister that the civil servants enjoyed working with – courteous, well-briefed and decisive. He was excellent in the House of Commons – good on his feet, and with the rights facts and figures at his finger tips. He was good with the media – answering questions instead of ducking them, with the right blend of humour and common sense. And, crucially, he was good with Londoners, as Minister for London. Whether he was talking to taxi-drivers, cyclists, lorry-drivers, pedestrians, bus drivers, Steve knew the issues – and he knew the key players, usually by Christian name.
I could leave Steve to get on with the job, confident it would be a job well done. I’ll be voting for Steve for Mayor, knowing from my own experience no-one could do the job better.”
Sir George was canvassing at the Ealing Broadway Shopping Centre, in his former West London constituency. “It was good to see so many old friends.”

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