Sir George joins Jubilee 2000 Campaigners
18 Mar 2000

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Sir George joined Jubilee 2000 campaigners from Andover and Overton outside the Methodist Church in Overton. Yvonne West was on the rickshaw.

A baton is making its way from Tavistock to the Japanese embassy in London. The Andover group received the baton from Salisbury on Friday, and handed it on to Overton on Saturday. Representatives from Basingstoke and Wokingham witnessed the handover.

About Jubilee 2000

Jubilee 2000 is recognised as a very successful campaign because, against
all expectations, it has got the issues of third world debt high on to the
agendas of the governments of the richest countries of the world. However
we have not yet reached our goal for the cancellation of all unpayable debt,
and this is the final year of the campaign.

Sunday July 23rd is Debt Decision Day.
On 1st January 1999, the 52 poorest countries owed $376bn. The G8 Summit
in Cologne last June promised to cancel up to $lOObn debt. Uganda, Bolivia,
Guyana and Mozambique have had some relief which has made a difference
and they are all due for more relief as a result of the Cologne agreement.
There have been serious delays in the implementation of the Cologne
agreement, proving that a different framework for negotiating debt relief is
required. The Jubilee 2000 campaign is exerting pressure to ensure that by the
end of this year the following objectives have been achieved:
* that the promised $lOObn cancellation is actually written off
* that all G7 countries write off 100% of their bilateral debts;
* that significantly more multilateral (IMF and World Bank) debt is
* that significantly more multilateral (IMF and World Bank) debt is
* that the process for deciding debt relief is changed and a more
independent, transparent and democratically accountable process
is put in place;
* that creditor nations no longer hold debtor nations in bondage

Japan, who host the next G8 summit in July 2000, has been one of the most
intransigent creditors and allegedly has recently threatened to withdraw aid
from countries that apply for debt relief. It is absolutely vital that the Japanese
Government have a change of heart and put debt relief on the agenda for the
summit, as well as doing their part in the 100% cancellation of the unpayable
debt owed to their country.

So what can we in Overton do to help Jubilee 2000?
1. We can send post cards to the Prime Minister of Japan. These will be
available in the St Mary's Church. You have only to fill them in with your
name and put a 38p stamp on and post them.
2. If you have any Japanese contacts, then get in touch and ask them to lobby
their government on the debt issue.
3. Write to Tony Blair and Gordon Brown and the other G8 governments (via
their embassies) and to the IMF and World Bank. Sample letter and addresses
will be available on the Church Notice boards
4. Wear the Debt lapel chain.

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