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8 Apr 2005
North West Hampshire has a good record of turnout at both General and local elections, and Sir George Young, Conservative Candidate, is working to keep up this standard, both through his frequent visits to all parts of the constituency between elections, and of course, by meeting as many voters as possible during the campaign.

Recognised as one of the most effective users of email and the web across all of UK politics, Sir George has now added a 'text message' phone number to encourage voters to contact him with their questions and opinions.

This facility is available both during and after the campaign - just call 07624 806278. Because his own mobile is switched off while talking to supporters and voters - which is most of the time during election campaigns! - Sir George has arranged to 'get the message' by email. His reply, where one is requested, will go to the voter's mobile phone as a text message, or can be by email if an email address has been provided.

"In the first hours of the campaign, I have already had two such messages" said Sir George

Of course the size limit for text messages means that for many purposes a longer message via the 'Contact' facilities at this website will be more appropriate, or a face-to-face meeting.

For all methods of contacting Sir George use this link:
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Next news: Sir George condemns loss of support for health forums

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