The Conservatives finish their first full day with a sweep through Whitchurch
9 Apr 2005
The team in action in Whitchurch
The team in action in Whitchurch
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Sir George ended his first full day on the campaign trail with an hour and a half in Whitchurch.
"We had a very positive response on the doorstep; people are pleased about our commitment to an extra 5000 police every year - and a number mentioned the growing problem at night of young people hanging around the cashpoint at the Town Hall. I am pursuing this with the new beat police officer."
"Others want the noise from the A34 reduced; I was able to make some progress in the last Parliament, but there is more work to be done here."
"And nearly everyone hoped that the shops in the centre of the town might be regenerated; I look forward to working with the Town Council and the newly established Whitchurch Town Association on this."
While some people have had enough of the national campaigns, they were pleased to see a local party taking an interest and asking their views."
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