Council Tax bombshell
9 Apr 2005
Caroline Spelman - our candidate for Meriden
Caroline Spelman - our candidate for Meriden
"Labour's third term tax rises include a ticking council tax bombshell, primed to explode after the general election. Families and pensioners, whose only crime is to live in an area with house price inflation, will face soaring bills without any improvements in their local services."
This was how Conservative Local and Devolved Government spokesperson Caroline Spelman nighlighted the plight of householders, citing revaluation of domestic properties in Wales this spring, when council tax bills shot up by almost 10 per cent, with some areas seeing bills rise by over 7 times inflation.

Further hikes in Wales are expected next year, as 'transitional relief' is phased out, leading to another similar jump in council tax levies in 2006.

Meanwhile, an average band D home in England moving up a band would see a tax hike of £270 a year, on top of any other increases.

Official statistics published by the Government in March show that the average council tax charge covering Band D properties will be £1,214 for the financial year 2005-06 - which is more than £100 a month.

The figures also show that council tax will rise by an average of £47 on a typical home next year, with the bill for two adults living in a Band D property increasing by 4.1% from £1,167 to £1,214, and representing an increase of 76 per cent since Labour came to power in 1997.

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