Promises, promises - that unreadable Blair manifesto
13 Apr 2005
Can't wait to read Blair's manifesto?

Well don't try reading it online, the thing is all but unreadable. One can perhaps make out the word 'promises' in the feint, white-on-red covers, and Mr Blair's "personal message" is in nice big characters, but the rest needs a pretty good magnifying glass.

Opinions differ as to why this shy approach.

Perhaps Mr Brown wouldn't let Mr Blair say what he wants to say?

Perhaps neither of them want us to know what they are saying?

Other suggestions on a postcard please, to Labour Party HQ.

PS, there is a version that is more-or-less readable, just under a megabyte of Adobe Acrobat.

PPS, it's not true that there are no pictures of Mr Blair. There is one, right at the front (and yes, he is grinning! The rest is - yes, you guessed it - word, words, words - promises, promises, promises.

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