Sir George calls in on Jodie Scheckter's shop at Overton
18 Apr 2005
Sir George, Jodie Scheckter and Stuart Minick
Sir George, Jodie Scheckter and Stuart Minick
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George and Aurelia Young looked in on Jodie Scheckter's new farm shop at Southley Farm outside Overton.
"Jodie showed us his new offices, with the planned laboratory to analyse the microbiology of soil. And we then looked in at the shop and met Stuart. The produce at the shop is of the highest quality, and we plan to come back after the election to stock up. Jodie is deeply committed to organic farming, and is about to open an abattoir - but only for animals reared according to his strict rules."
"I welcome the employment that Jodie has generated in the area; his investment in healthy produce; and the retail opportunties that go with it."
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