Time for Action on Crime
22 Apr 2005
From l to r, Terry Faulkner, Steve West, David Davis, GY, Sheila Allen, Rob Musson and John Leek
From l to r, Terry Faulkner, Steve West, David Davis, GY, Sheila Allen, Rob Musson and John Leek
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David Davis has pledged to be a tough Home Secretary who will make life a misery for Britain's criminal classes.

Unveiling a six point action plan, he denounced the Blair government for talking tough but acting weak in the fight against crime and disorder.

David Davis told an election campaign conference in London:
"I don't just want to talk tough. I will be tough. I won't forget about the victims of crime as soon as the headlines go away and the dust has settled. Instead of pursuing headlines, I will relentlessly pursue those members of society who make people's lives a misery."
Expressing the wish to hang a placard containing the words 'tough on crime, tough on the causes of crime' around the Prime Minister's neck - in a bid to highlight how Mr Blair is all talk and no delivery - the Shadow Home Secretary added:
"A million violent crimes a year is a million too many. Mr Blair has had eight years. As people watch the news, they are entitled to ask: 'Isn't that enough time to get a grip on crime?' So if you've had enough of Mr Blair's undelivered promises, his gimmicks and talk, and you are sick of the number of crimes in our communities, then the time has come to say enough is enough."
Under the six point action plan, an incoming Conservative government would:
  • recruit an extra 5,000 police officers each year;
  • slash police bureaucracy and switch an additional 3,000 bobbies back onto the beat;
  • make the police accountable to local communities and free them from government red tape, plans and targets;
  • ensure that convicted criminals serve proper sentences;
  • build 20,000 more prison places and take 20,000 more criminals off the streets; and
  • introduce new legislation providing better legal protection for householders who use force against intruders in their homes.

Read David Davis' speech at this link:

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