£10 million plan to fight 'superbug'
26 Apr 2005
Our MRSA campaign poster
Our MRSA campaign poster
Michael Howard has committed that a Conservative government will provide the necessary funding to enable all National Health Service hospitals to deploy state of the art nasal swab testing technology. Costing an estimated £10 millions, the test provides same-day results, enabling more efficient and effective use of infection-control resources to be deployed in tackling the "superbug" in health care facilities.

Launching this proposal, Michael Howard said the party's ten point action plan, drawn up in consultation with the Infection Control Nurses Association, would include giving more power to medical professionals, restoring matrons to hospitals and arming them with powers to shut down dirty wards, ensuring that hospital trusts are fully committed to higher standards, publishing all MRSA infection rate data by clinical department, and rewarding those hospitals which tackle the problem.

"!f you want to take a stand on cleaner hospitals and send a message to Mr. Blair, vote Conservative on May the fifth."

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