Party Treasurer comes to Hurstbourne Tarrant
29 Apr 2005
Jonathan Marland & GY
Jonathan Marland & GY
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Jonathan Marland, Party Treasurer, came to Hurstbourne Tarrant Village Hall to explain how the campaign was going.
"Jonathan is in much closer touch with the high command than I am and was able to take us through the campaign."
Jonathan Marland fought Somerton & Frome in 2001 and was narrowly defeated. Since then he has helped the Party to raise some £25 million to enable it to fight the Election Campaign.
He said that the real battle was being fought in the marginals, where it was a lot closer than the national polls implied. He also reminded the audience that the Polls had consistently overestimated support for the Labour Party.
He also explained that those living in seats like North West Hampshire would not see the full impact of the Party's advertising campaign as that again was focussed on the marginals - and targetted on the needs of individual seats.

After thanking Jonathan for coming and talking to the branch, Sir George congratulated the village on its fantastic display of posters. "Emma Clarke and her team have left those passing through the village in no doubt about its political preference."
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Next news: Sir George pulls pint at re-opened pub in Hannington

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