Sir George's 'online campaign' tops 1000 calls a day
30 Apr 2005
Friday 30th April saw a new peak in visitor's to Sir George Young's 2005 election campaign website, with 1,156 separate visits* recorded to his "KeepingYoung" site.
[*Note: "visits" not to be confused with "hits", which some websites still report in an effort to boost their apparent success. Sir George's "hits" on the same day topped 13,000, with a total of more than 330,000 for the campaign so far]
Total visits since the site was launched at the outset of the 2005 election campaign topped 10,000. Between them these visitors downloaded a total of more than 30,000 pages of information.

"On a face-to-face basis, I reckon to meet somewhere between fifty and two hundred voters a day," said Sir George, who is running for a third term in the North West Hampshire constituency. "Last week, website visitors averaged 350 each day. This week that has shot up, reaching 955 on Thursday and a record 1,156 on Friday."

Is this a record? Are any other candidates' sites attracting this level of attention?

"It would be nice to know", said Sir George, "but sadly, most candidates don't publish any such data."
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Next news: Local Conservatives swamp Andover with balloons

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