Vicki's vote secured with help from "Queen"
3 May 2005
Telegraph Columnist Vicki Woods
Telegraph Columnist Vicki Woods
All the media noise in this election has focused on the marginals, with no sign of reporters or camera crews dogging the candidates in North West Hampshire. Until today.

Vicki Woods' article in the Telegraph reports her doorstep encounter with Sir George, heralded by
"The Arrival of the Queen of Sheba thundering out of a fleet of cars at the gate. Jolly nice and rousing. I ran to the front door, knowing it could only be my local MP (I should say "Conservative candidate at the parliamentary elections") and it was indeed Sir George Young beaming under the eaves, bent double as usual. (He's six-foot five. Can't stand up in the pub.)"
Vicki goes on to relate her temptation to "vote early, vote often", having received a duplicate poll card here for her daughter.
"Thanks to the postal-voting mess-up, 2005 will go down as the biggest ever Vote-Early-Vote-Often debacle in British political history, won't it? Me, I don't see why the Midlands should have all the fun."
Nice to know that if she had the chance to vote in our neighbouring constituencies, her votes would go to Richard Benyon (Newbury) and Maria Miller (Basingstoke).

Vicki Woods' whole article is online (link below) but you will have to register to read it.
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