Electronic Organ Concert held at Weyhill
19 May 2005
The new screen in action
The new screen in action
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"I greatly enjoyed the second half of John Mann's concert, playing old favourites on an electronic organ. All credit to Terry Trevett for organising another evening of enjoyment for the many fans in and around Andover of this music."

Details of WEOS
Weyhill Electronic Organ Society has made significant progress since its formation in April 2002 and has now taken a further important step forward.

Future concert productions will now be enhanced by the introduction of video projection equipment which the Society has recently acquired, with the help of grants from 'Awards for All' (Lottery), Hampshire County Council and Test Valley Borough Council. This new equipment will provide members of the audience with a clear view of the keyboards and pedals throughout every performance and will obviously add to their enjoyment of the monthly concerts.

Since the Society's inaugural concert at the Fairground Hall, Weyhill in July 2002, attendances have invariably exceeded 100 and have reached the venue's 165 capacity on several occasions. There are around 250 organ societies in the UK but, until the formation of the Weyhill society, no such club existed in the Andover area or indeed within the Borough of Test Valley. However, thanks to the hard work of a small committee and a few willing volunteers, combined with the support and co-operation of several local organisations, this particular enterprise has certainly proved to be both popular and worthwhile.

In August 2003, the Society staged a charity concert (for Age Concern) at the Cricklade Theatre, Andover, raising the commendable sum of £1,500 in the process. Subsequent events have served to provide funds for several other worthy charities – one notable concert being held in June 2004, when the Club played host to a group of children from Belarus who were visiting the UK for a brief holiday, courtesy of the Chernobyl Children Life Line charity.

Anyone who enjoys melodious, easy listening, live music cannot help but derive considerable pleasure from listening to the modern electronic organ. These amazing pieces of electronic wizardry are capable of a wide range of sounds and rhythms – from military bands to orchestras, from the violin to the harmonica; in fact, the sounds of almost any instrument imaginable can be reproduced by the electronic organ or keyboard. The styles of music presented by the guest organists can range from classical to contemporary, from waltzes to marches, and the programmes are always balanced to suit most musical tastes.

There are numerous professional performers on the ‘circuit’, playing various makes of electronic organs, and first class entertainment within a friendly and relaxed environment is always assured. Concerts are held at The Fairground Hall, Weyhill on the third Thursday of every month and the programmes normally last two hours with an intermission of around thirty minutes for refreshments and a raffle. Artistes, who are often booked well in advance, include many international stars – one of whom, Claudia Hirschfeld (one of Germany's leading organists) is scheduled to perform at Weyhill in October. The Society also plans to stage another concert at Cricklade Theatre in 2006 if a suitable date can be arranged.

Although the Society is only three years old, it has quickly established an excellent reputation with its guest performers, all of whom have expressed their delight at performing for such a friendly, well-organised club. In addition to providing regular top class entertainment, the Society prides itself in being a very friendly social club, with a variety of organised day trips being well supported. In addition, newsletters are published at regular intervals, providing information about the Society’s activities.

For further information or postal bookings
telephone 01264 323213
or visit www.organfax.co.uk/clubs/weyhill.html
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