Oakley Then and Now
11 Jun 2005
Martin Cook, GY & Ros Blackman
Martin Cook, GY & Ros Blackman
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An exhibition of old photographs of Oakley, alongside new ones taken in the same place, was held in Oakley Methodist Church.
"The Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Parish Council, Martin Cook and Ros Blackman, have been planning this exhibition for some time, with the help of David and Sheila Baker who have a unique collection of old photographs and postcards."
"These old pictures of the village have been complemented by contemporary ones taken by Raynor Rudland, which enables one to see how the village has developed."
"Some of the larger buildings - Malshanger and Oakley Hall - are instantly recognisable; others, such as the Barley Mow, less so. And how relevant to be reminded that less than forty years ago, Oakley had a railway station which many dearly wish could be re-opened to save the journey in to Basingstoke."
"Oakley is indeed fortunate that this record exists,and that it can be displayed. I was grateful to David Baker, whose family have been in the village for generations and who still runs the family business there, for taking me round."
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