Threat to Historical Re-enactment Societies - MP takes up their cause
17 Jun 2005
Jousting in Andover
Jousting in Andover
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Sir George is in touch with Home Office Ministers about the Violent Crime Reduction Bill which could, inadvertently, prevent a number of societies from presenting historical re-enactments of battles.
“The English Civil War Society, the Early 18th Century Association and the Napoleonic Association – amongst others – are worried that the proposed restrictions on imitation firearms will impact on their work. One affected group are those representing cavalry troopers who use a specific type of pistol which is designed to make the noise and smoke without discharging any projectile or blank round. Unless they are exempted, they will have to invest in expensive real firearms and apply for certificates. This seems to me absurd.”
Sir George is in touch with Home Office Ministers to make sure that reputable re-enactment societies don’t get hit by ‘friendly fire’.
“Many of my constituents will have seen these societies at village fetes, and I know how much enjoyment they give.”

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