Funds raised for Troy Parker Appeal
18 Jun 2005
Carlie Annetts & GY
Carlie Annetts & GY
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93 separate teams took part in a two-day Football Tournament at the Walworth Rd playing fields in Andover, competing for the Troy Parker Charity Shield.
"Troy Parker sadly died a few years ago after a bicycle accident in which he was not wearing a helmet. His mother - Carlie Annetts - has campaigned ever since to get the law changed to make the wearing of crash helmets by children compulsory. I have been supporting her - and spoke in favour of a Private Members Bill last year which sadly ran out of time."
"To raise funds, this tournament has been held, with each time paying £20 to enter.Last year, the event raised over £5000 and I am sure they will raise more this year with more teams."
The Campaign works closely with the Bicycle Helmet Initiative Trust, who had a stall at the Tournament.
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