Newbury MP addresses North West Hants Patrons
14 Jul 2005
Sir David Mitchell Lynda Gent Richard Benyon Sandy Copland and GY
Sir David Mitchell Lynda Gent Richard Benyon Sandy Copland and GY
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Sandy Copland, Chairman of North West Hampshire Patrons Club, organised the Club's Summer Dinner at the Upper Clatford home of Lynda Gent,where the guest speaker was Richard Benyon, the newly-elected MP for the neighbouring Newbury constituency.

Speaking after he was introduced by Sir David Mitchell, former MP for NW Hants, Richard Benyon thanked the many Conservative supporters from NW Hants that had helped him in the recent General Election. He said that there was little appetite amongst most voters for negative campaigning and urged politicians to avoid it. He said that the way to win key marginal seats like Newbury was to put in candidates early; and for them to work hard.

Thanking him, Sir George congratulated him on being the MP who had achieved the biggest swing from the LibDems to the Conservatives and on his performance in the House of Commons since he joined. "The good news for the Tory Party is that there are lots of Richard Benyons amongst the new intake, and they have helped to invigorate and enthuse the Parliamentary Party.

Sir George also thanked him for beginning to roll back the LibDem advance in the South East. "The northern frontier is now secure; hopefully we will roll back the southern frontier next time and win back Romsey."
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