Hampshire Artists display their works
12 Aug 2005
Geoff Townson with
Geoff Townson with "Prehistory Sites of Wessex"
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Hampshire Artists will be opening their studios between August 20th and 29th. The initiative, supported and partly funded by Hampshire County Council, gives local artists and craftmakers an opportunity to display their works in studios throughout the county - and gives local residents an opportunity to see the skills that their neighbours have.
"I was fortunate enoough to have a preview of what will be available in Penton, where I live. Geoff Townson, who works in oils and acrylics, showed me round his studios and then took me to two of his neighbours - Jenny Michaelson and Jan Cooper - who will be displaying their paintings next week."
"Geoff has done some wonderful paintings of Stonehenge, and other local prehistoric sites such as Avebury. His studio at Chapel Lodge, Chalcroft Lane, will be a key part of the local exhibition. In addition to Geoff, Jenny Michaelson and Jan Cooper, Judy Clarke will be displaying at Little Orchard, and other local artists will be displaying their work in the Village Hall".

Open Studios is now in its fifth year, with over 160 venues in the County, showing the works of 400 artists.

" I enjoyed my preview and hope lots of my constituents will spend part of next week in search of local culture - and buy some real bargains!"
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