Highclere Tories support Ken Clarke
10 Sep 2005
Continuing his series of straw polls throughout branches of the Conservative Party, Sir George asked Highclere Tories at a Cheese and Wine event in Woolton Hill for their preferences.
They were as follows.
Ancram, Cameron, Rifkind and Willetts 1 each.
David Davis 4
Ken Clarke 13.

Sir George conducted the poll without revealing his own preference.
"This was an interesting result and reflects the good start that the Clarke campaign has undoubtedly got off to."

Sir George said he hoped the candidates would reveal their plans to reform the party organisation. "Part of Labour's success prior to 1997 was a real shake-up at Transport House, and a modernisation and professionalism of the party structure. I think we need the same radical review to bring our organisation into the 21st century."
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