Sir George pays tribute to Cllr Margot Townsend
13 Sep 2005
Margot Townsend (centre) with Sir George and Cllr Arthur Peters
Margot Townsend (centre) with Sir George and Cllr Arthur Peters
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Following her tragic death in a car accident near Romsey, Sir George paid tribute to Margot Townsend's work. "She was a fantastically popular local councillor; canvassing for her at local elections revealed depth and breadth of support that you rarely see.
She was very well known in Abbotts Ann, where she lived for a long time; and as a Reader in the three local churches, she was well-known in the Clatfords as well. She was kind, considerate and hard-working. She will be very difficult to replace, and my thoughts are with her family."
On the evening that she died, Sir George spoke to her. "I rang her on Monday evening, as she was about to go out for a meeting. Margot had been one of the lay representatives of our Diocese on the General Synod until July and I think she was going to a "hustings" to secure re-election.
I rang because she had been campaigning on behalf of residents in Burghclere Down, where there is some outstanding work waiting to be done before the development is complete. Typically, she said she would get on to the case the next morning."
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