Cabinet Minister to visit North West Hampshire, to see NHS Problems
13 Oct 2005
At Business Questions in the House of Commons, Sir George Young asked the Leader of the House if he would come to North West Hampshire to see at first hand the challenges that confront the NHS in his constituency.

(Extract from Hansard below)

Sir George Young (North-West Hampshire) (Con): Further to the many questions put by my right hon. and hon. Friends, does the Leader of the House understand that we would happily accept his invitation to join him on a visit to Ashfield hospital to see what is happening in his constituency if he would reciprocate and accept our invitation to come and see what is happening in our constituencies? Has not the Leader of the House detected in the last half hour a growing appetite for a debate on the NHS? Many of us believe that many issues need to be addressed and the right hon. Gentleman believes that he has some answers, so does that not already have the makings of a rather good debate?

Mr. Hoon: The right hon. Gentleman is absolutely right. Even with my rather slow reaction to events, I had noticed that Opposition Members were to some extent co-ordinating their questions on this matter. I congratulate them on increasingly effective opposition—long may it continue.

Mr. Andrew Turner (Isle of Wight) (Con): Four more years.

Mr. Hoon: Yes, at least four more years. I would certainly be willing to visit the right hon. Gentleman's constituency and his local hospital, and I look forward to receiving the invitation.
End of Hansard.

“I did not expect Geoff Hoon to accept my invitation so readily, and I am grateful that he has agreed to come. I will be in touch with his office to arrange an appropriate programme, and I hope to persuade him that there are some real difficulties locally which he, in turn, might persuade his Cabinet colleague Patricia Hewitt to address.”
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