That Head to Head TV Debate
4 Nov 2005
Davis v Cameron
Davis v Cameron
Along with thousands of other Party Members, I tuned in to BBC1 last night to watch the Cameron v Davis show, with David Dimbleby holding the ring.

"In one respect, David Davis came well out of the event. At Blackpool, everyone agreed that David Cameron made by far the better speech.The TV context was more evenly matched, so the impression that one candidate was streets ahead when the pressure was on was removed. I got the impression that Davis was more rehearsed - particularly when the inevitable drugs question was raised - whereas Cameron was more spontaneous."

"Towards the end, when they knew the bell was about to ring, they tried to get over their key messages. Davis accused Cameron of being another Tony Blair; and Cameron accused Davis of going for easy headlines."

"I thought the interventions from the Davis supporters were counter-productive and reminded me why some see us as the "nasty party" - accusing David Cameron of not being able to run a bar was just a cheap insult. I suspect - though we don't know - that Cameron scored more runs with the "don't knows" than Davis. I find his conversational and open approach more convincing than the more traditional - and slightly egocentric - approach of David Davis. And, at the end of the day, how many people will have changed their minds? I'm still backing Cameron!"
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Next news: David Cameron visits North West Hants

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