Sir George does Voluntary Work at PDSA
4 Nov 2005
Sir George with (from l to r) Rachel Bruce, Peter Fogg and Tina Knight
Sir George with (from l to r) Rachel Bruce, Peter Fogg and Tina Knight
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Sir George spent part of his day on Friday volunteering as part of CSV's Make a Difference Day - see letter below.

"I spent some time at the newly-opened PDSA Charity Shop in Andover, helping to sort out the clothes they had been donated, before they go on display. The shop is well-laid out, with attractively priced products in a friendly environment; and raising money for a populat national charity. For families in Andover on low incomes, the clothes they offer are a great help in enabling them to balance their budgets. I got a valuable insight into how a charity like this works - and they are clearly very dependent on volunteers working in the shop, and on local people donating clothes and other goods. I enjoyed my time at the PDSA shop."

Letter to MP's.

May I invite you to participate in CSV Make a Difference Day 2005, the UK’s largest day of direct volunteering. You can participate in a project for just an hour, or a whole day, present certificates, or organise an event with your constituency party.

The campaign is unique - it is the only day where citizens give their time, rather than their money, to make something happen in their communities. In 2004 over 90,000 volunteers of all ages, abilities and backgrounds worked together on 4,000 projects. The media exposure was valued at £2 million, reaching an estimated 187 million people.

CSV Make a Difference Day raises the profile of volunteering and community action and increases public awareness of the tremendous volunteer work which enriches neighbourhoods year round - clearing dereliction, planting trees, refurbishing night shelters or constructing BMX tracks. 61% of volunteers are still helping six months later.

I do hope you will get involved in a local project.
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