Sir George and Madam Mayor help "prisoners"
16 Apr 2000

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Sir George explains why he is handcuffed to the Mayor of Test Valley.

“A group of Cub Scout leaders from Honiton in Devon are undertaking a sponsored `Dartmoor Jailbreak'. The proceeds from the sponsorship raised will be given to Branch House School & Centre for children with cerebral palsy. These leaders are making their way to London with the help of the various Scout Districts between Dartmoor and London.

As part of the escape, they are not allowed to pay for transport, food or accommodation and the Andover District Scout Council welcomed them into Andover and provided transport on to Basingstoke. At the end of the journey the Home Office are arranging for the Home Secretary or his deputy to meet this group on Monday and grant them a `pardon'”

Sir George, the Mayor of Test Valley and her husband Jock Kerley met the group in Andover on Sunday the 16th April. A donation from the Andover Scouts was handed over.

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