Highways Agency looks at safety on A303 slip road
2 Dec 2005
A cyclist crosses the A303 Eastbound Slip Road, with help from  MoD police
A cyclist crosses the A303 Eastbound Slip Road, with help from MoD police
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"Many of my constituents who live in Andover work at the DLO in Monxton Road - the other side of the A303. Some walk or cycle to work, and I greatly welcome this. Other constituents live on the MoD site - the DLO - and their children attend schools in Andover. They too walk to school."

"Both have to cross the slip roads leading to and from the A303, and this is hazardous. On the eastbound slip road, traffic is acceleratingand visibility at the point of crossing is not that good. Many constituents have contacted me to see if safety can be improved - and I am grateful to Alan Turner for spearheading this campaign."

"I invited the Highways Agency, who have responsibility for the A303, to come to the crossing at 7.30 on a winter's morning to see the problems at first hand; County Councillor David Kirk invited Hampshire County Council's traffic engineers along as well, as they have responsibility for the roundabouts off the slip roads."

"We had a useful meeting and spoke to many of those who regular cross the road. The Highways Agency are now going to consult with HCC and then write to me letting me know what short-term options for improving road safety might be considered. These options might include a non-slip surface on the road; better visibility; traffic signals at the roundabout; narrowing the slip road to one lane; and better warnings of the crossing."

"David Kirk and I crossed the road several times, and I quite agree that it is a potentially dangerous crossing. Motorists are accelerating; they don't always indicate they are turning down then slip road; and you have a short space of time to decide whether to cross or not. I hope something wil emerge from this useful meeting."
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