Testway launch Furniture Re-use Project
3 Dec 2005
Edd China of Top Banana explains how the sofa works
Edd China of Top Banana explains how the sofa works
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Sir George on a sofa made for three, with Edd China and Debbie Pike of Testway
Sir George on a sofa made for three, with Edd China and Debbie Pike of Testway
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The Mayor of Test Valley formally opened "Twice as Nice" - a new furniture re-use project based at Dukes Close on the Walworth Road Industrial Estate.
"This project will come and collect furniture that is surplus to a householder's requirement - possibly because they are moving, or have bought some new furniture. If it does not quite good enough for the project, the householder will be given advice on how to dispose of it - but because the workshop has the capacity to restore and repair, I expect they will be able to take in most of what is offered."
"At Dukes Close, those working on a training project will restore or repair the item - if it needs attention - and it will then be available for purchase. Those on benefit will be able to buy at special prices."
The project has had funding from Testway and from the Lottery, and it should save Test Valley Borough Council the cost of 75 tons of waste fill, by recycling furniture. The project will also provide some 20 jobs. Twice as Nice will collect and deliver the furniture - ring 01264 369615.

To show what can be done with old furniture, Edd China came along with a mobile sofa.

Press Release from Testway below
Testway Housing Furniture Reuse Project


”To divert good quality furniture away from landfill sites and donate it to people that are in need”


• To create new jobs
• To increase the skills base of the local community through volunteering and training opportunities
• To encourage the community to be environmentally friendly
• To help local people by providing good quality low cost furniture
• To reduce fly tipping
• To help people take pride in the area they live
• To encourage partnership working

In order to meet these aims and objectives funding has been secured from the Community Recycling and Economic Development Programme. This funding will be put towards the following costs:

• Staffing - A full time project manager, administrator, and two part time van drivers
• A vehicle
• A warehouse
• Training
• Promotional material
• Utility costs


The project has several targets to meet these are as follows:

1. The project will benefit 7874 local people over the course of the funding, which is for two and half years This includes both donors and recipients of furniture.
2. It will divert an estimated 75 tonnes of household furniture away from land fill
3. It will create at least 20 volunteer posts
4. It will provide at least 10 training places.

In order to achieve this and make the project sustainable furniture will need to be sold at a small charge, which will cover administration and transportation costs. The pricing structure is likely to have two levels. Level 1 will be for those people who can prove they are on benefits. Level two is for members of the general public, where prices will be slightly raised. All monies that are made will however be fed back into the project so that it can continue after the life of the funding. Figure 1.0 overleaf shows the prices that will be put in place.

This is based on the assumption that the furniture is of average quality. If the quality is exceptional the price will be higher and if the quality is not that good the price will be lower.

Figure 1.0 Example Pricing
Item Price for people on benefits Minimum Price for general public
Double Bed £15 £22.50
Single Bed £10 £15
Bunk Beds £15 £22.50
Wardrobe £10 £15
Bed side Cabinet £ 5 £7.50
Chest of draws £ 8 £12
Dressing table £ 8 £12
Table and 4 chairs £20 £30
Lounge wall unit £10 £15
3 Piece Suite £25 £37.50
2 Seater £15 £22.50
Arm chair £10 £15
Sofa Bed £15 £22.50
Curtains £5 £7.50

It is anticipated that the project will run during normal office hours and Saturday mornings


This project is being set up to benefit local residents living in Test Valley particularly those who live in and around Andover and are on low incomes. The project has a large amount of support from local agencies such as Test Valley, Test Valley Neighbourhood Wardens, Social Services, Project Integra, and The Dale Trust.

For further information about the project please contact:

Nadia Dowling
Tel: 01264 405576
Email: nadia.dowling@testway.co.uk
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