£6800 raised for Arthritis Research on trip from John O' Groats to Lands End
11 Dec 2005
GY Viv Slingsby Lyn Oliver and John Mason of ARC
GY Viv Slingsby Lyn Oliver and John Mason of ARC
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Viv Slingsby and Lyn Oliver raised £6800 for Arthritis Research by travelling from John O'Groats to Lands End by foot or by bus. The journey took them five weeks, staying mainly with friends but occasionally in youth hostels and hotels.
"Both Viv and Lyn suffer from arthritis, and wanted to help fellow sufferers by raising funds for the Arthritis Research Council. They hoped to raise £3000, but achieved more than twice as much. Some of the journey sounded pretty hellish, but they seemed to have enjoyed it and remain on good terms"

At a small party at the Fox in Tangley,they thanked friends, relatives and supporters, and handed a cheque for £6791.52 to John Mason, Area Fundraiser for ARC.
Viv lives in Appleshaw and Lyn in Anna Valley

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