Residents discuss next step on A303 Noise Campaign
17 Dec 2005
A303 Campaign Group lobby MP and Councillors
A303 Campaign Group lobby MP and Councillors
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Cllr Marion Kerley has been fighting for noise alleviation measures on the A303, to protect residents who live in Barlows Lane, Apsley Close, Murray Close, Picton Road, Anglesey Close and Conholt Rd.
"The headlines in this week's Advertiser were about this serious problem, and Marion Kerley brought some of the residents to the Councillor's and MP's Advice Bureau at the Guild Hall to discuss the way forward. I commend the work that Steffan Squire has been doing to publicise this problem and campaign for a solution."
"We agreed that we were more likely to get a response from the Highways Agency if we identified the stretch of the A303 that caused the most problems as the stretch to be tackled first. This is the half mile between the Stockbridge Road and, to the west, where the A303 crosses over the Anton."
"We also agreed that,when I meet the Agency, I should press for a larger slice of the budget to be allocated top noise alleviation measures, so the areas that have been identified as a priority can be dealt with earlier than five years."
"We also agreed to get some publicity in the new year - like the coverage we got recently for the sliproad at the Weyhill Rd roundabout."
"This was a very productive meeting; doing nothing is not an option."

Standing on the left of the picture is County Councillor David Kirk, and next to him, sitting down, is Cllr Marion Kerley.
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