Sir George backs Charter for people who have lost limbs
30 Nov 2005
Sir George signs the Charter
Sir George signs the Charter
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Double amputee Sam Gallop, and Grania Hyde-Smith from the Limbless Association said: "We are most grateful to Sir George for his signing up to the International LimbLoss Charter at a significant Westminster conference with limbless organisations and healthcare professionals. This demonstrates his longstanding national and international concern for the wellbeing of his constituents and all individuals worldwide who have lost a limb or limbs."

The 6Cs

All services and equipment supplied to people with limb loss or absence must meet all of the following 6Cs

Information about the choices available to the User
must be forthcoming

Equipment must provide adequate support and comfort to enable the User to achieve optimal function and independence

Equipment must be appropriate to each User’s requirements, mechanically safe and easily maintained

Equipment must be cosmetically acceptable commensurate with optimal function

All staff must have the appropriate educational and career opportunities in order to develop and sustain their competencies and skills

Caring is the Catalyst

Equipment includes prostheses, orthoses, wheelchairs, special seating, walking aids and other assistive technologies.

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