Sir George backs call for ‘Carers’ Champion’
8 Feb 2006
Sir George today backed a call for a new Carers Champion in Government who would lead on carers' issues. This is in the light of findings of an ITV News investigation, undertaken in conjunction with Carers UK, that found people looking after sick or disabled relatives were still feeling isolated and struggling to care without enough support.

As a result of these striking findings, ITV News is launching a campaign calling for the Government to appoint a “Carers’ Czar” to champion the rights of carers.

In a recent document, the White Paper on health and social care, Government pledged to review the National Strategy for Carers, increase the amount of emergency respite care and ensure that carers get better access to information. However, in order to be a success, it needs to be lead within Government from a senior level - a Carers' Champion.

“It’s a real concern that carers in my North West Hants constituency may be struggling both financially and in terms of their own well-being, and even more worrying that they may not be receiving all the help they are entitled to. Carers are the backbone of community support in the UK, saving the economy a cost equivalent to a second NHS service.

“These findings highlight that these carers are not getting enough help in this difficult and demanding role. It is vital we give as much support from Government as we can to the six million carers in the UK.

”I would urge all those looking after a sick or frail loved one or relative to check they are receiving all the support they are entitled to by calling the CarersLine on 0808 808 7777.”


ITV NEWS' special series "Who cares?" will start on the ITV NEWS Lunchtime programme on Monday 6 February and run on the ITV NEWS Lunchtime and ITV NEWS Evening programmes all week

Notes to Editors:

1. Carers UK continues to make a difference to carers' lives by: campaigning for a better deal for carers; informing carers of their rights and what help is available; training and advising professionals who work with carers; working across the UK through its membership and networks of branches and affiliates. Visit or call the CarersLine on: 0808 808 7777. Carers UK’s work is supported by the European Social Fund's EQUAL Community Initiative Programme.

Action for Carers and Employment (ACE) National is a development partnership led by Carers UK and funded by the European Social Fund’s Equal programme which raises awareness of the barriers facing carers who wish to work, and tests and promotes ways of supporting them. Visit

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