St Benedicts Pre-School & Nursery to close
23 Apr 2006
Parents with children at St Benedicts in Penton Mewsey have been told the school will close with immediate effect.

"My home is near the school, and parents have knocked at the door with the letter in their hand, wondering what is going on."

"My first thoughts are for all these parents who were given two days notice, over a weekend, that they would have to find alternative provision for some 160 children on Monday. I would have hoped that any Pre-School or Nursery would have been able to give parents more warning."
"Some will now have to give up work until they can make other arrangements, with all the disruption, worry and cost that that implies. Finding an extra 160 places locally will not be an easy task. It is possible that not all parents have heard the news and that some will come along on Monday and find the place closed. And any parent will want to feel comfortable about a new place for their child, and not accept the first one that comes along."
"I am also concerned about those who used to work at St Benedicts – it looks as if 44 people have lost their jobs and that is deeply worrying. I gather some have not been paid for last month which is an additional problem for them."

"Parents are demanding answers to questions - and rightly so. They are the innocent victims of a dispute in which they are not involved."
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