St Benedicts. Statement by Catholic Church
24 Apr 2006

The Diocese has been passed a copy of a letter from St Benedict’s Pre-School & Nursery dated 21 April 2006.

The Diocese applied for a restriction on a freehold property registered in the name of an individual. The property concerned is not registered in the name of St Benedict’s Convent School Limited or St Benedict’s Pre-School & Nursery. The Diocese has no knowledge of the School’s banking relationship or how its actions in relation to the freehold of the property should have any impact upon the School. As the matter is subject to on-going investigations, it is inappropriate to comment further at this time.

Two Sisters of advanced years currently occupy the property. They do not wish to make any comment. It is requested that their privacy is respected.

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Next news: St Benedicts Pre-School & Nursery to close

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