St Benedicts - local providers rally round
25 Apr 2006
Sir George said that the first priority in sorting out this disaster was to find alternative provision for the children.
"Many parents have been in touch with me, and I understand Rookwood and Norman Court have been able to help. Others have made informal private arrangements with relatives and friends while they look out for something permanent."
"This is enormously disruptive; young children adapt to friends, teachers and the environment and when that suddenly changes, of course it has an impact."
"I am very grateful to all those who have helped out in this crisis"

"A number have asked whether the school might be re-opened; given the complicated legal background, I am not sure this is feasible in the short-term. If I was a parent with a child at St Benedicts, I would be cautious about backing that particular horse."

"Parents have contacted me about getting back their children's possession; about their records - and these are issues I will want to raise with the receiver when one is appointed. And then there is the issue of the money - the teachers who have not been paid, the deposits and any payments in advance."

"There are many angry people - and they are right to be angry. Ther are entitled to answers to questions and I hope to help them get them."
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