New crop in Hampshire fields
5 May 2000

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Sir George visited the oil well operated by Pentex Oil and Gas Ltd south of Goodworth Clatford.
“This is part of the Weald oil field, which Pentex bought from Amoco some nine years ago. It was too small a site for a company the size of Amoco, but suitable for Pentex. This is the last day of drilling, after which most of the equipment and personnel will leave the site. They then hope to produce about 300 barrels a day, of which 50% is. They reckon the site will last for 10 to 15 years.” The oil is about 3500 feet underground, and then extends about half a mile west.
Sir George was delighted to hear of the good relationship with Goodworth Clatford Parish Council, as well as Test Valley Borough Council and Hampshire County Council.

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