Over £5,000 raised for Barnardos at Andover Golf Day
12 May 2006
The winners of the Twining Trophy with Sir George
The winners of the Twining Trophy with Sir George
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The Hampshire Golf Club hosted the seventh Andover Barnardo’s Golf Day Dinner on Friday at which Sir George presented the prizes.

"We are not able to give an exact figure for money raised at this point, but having done an initial count Mark Hyson knows that they have raised well over £5,000 for Barnardo’s work, which is fantastic – each year the figure goes up!"

This is the 7th Andover Golf Day and the committee now comprises Mark Hyson of Hysons, Cllr. Jan Budzynski, Chris Kitchener of Pentagon Mercedes, Steve Leathley of Stannah Lifts and Craig Rochford of The Invention Factory.

"Twenty five teams played this year - the highest ever -and I am so grateful to the Andover business community who support the event each year either by playing or sponsoring the day in some way."

The photograph shows this year’s winners of the Twining Jubilee Bowl. They were from HCA Coating Ltd and the team comprised Adam Poyser, John Moule, Paul Yeo and Leo Lawson. Second were The Exiles and third Portland.

"Tricia Allin, the Corporate Business Fundraiser of Barnardos, also did a fantastic job in organising the event - soon we will have waiting lists of teams wanting to play!"

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