Sir George speaks on Labour Leadership Crisis
6 Sep 2006
Mike & Jen Baker, GY & Therese Coffey
Mike & Jen Baker, GY & Therese Coffey
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Overton Conservatives held a Buffet Lunch at the home of Mr and Mrs Baker in Southington, attended by the local MOP and by the Association Chairman. £400 was raised for Party Funds.

Speaking on the crisis that hit the Government, Sir George said that it was as well that David Cameron and not Tony Blair had chosen the slogan "Built to Last"

Reflecting on the Prime Minister's wish to stay in office to achieve his objective of diversity and choice in health and education, Sir George wondered what had been going on for the past 9 years.

Sir George refelcted that the verdict on Tony Blair might be one of missed opportunity. "Elected in 1997 with a massive majority, with enormous goodwill from the country, a favourable press and a benign economy, he could and should have driven forward the programme he is now talking about."

Sir George said that, following the Prime Minister's announcement that he would be standing down, Gordon Brown was in effect Prime Minister. "No initiative will now begin in Whitehall without the go-ahead from Gordon. And Ministers will care less about the views of the current Prime Minister and more about the views of the next one."
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