Sir George attends Health Trusts' AGM
28 Sep 2006
The final joint AGM of the two local Health Trusts was held at the Guild Hall in Andover. As from October 1st, the Mid Hants Primary Care Trust is merged with the other PCT's in the county, to become the Hampshire PCT. The Winchester and Eastleigh NHS Trust is unaffected by this latest re-organisation, although it will have to disengage from the close relationship it had developed with the PCT.

Janet Blann, Chief Executive of Test Valley Community Services, and Dr Bob Coates, Director of Public Health, gave a presentation of the Turnaround Project. This is focussed on Alamein ward in Andover, where standards of literacy and numeracy put the population among the most deprived in the county. "This was an impressive presentation, showing how all the agencies can work together, under the umbrella of the Test Valley Local Strategic Partnership, to tackle the problems there are on the larger estates in the town."

"What came out of this session was the significance of low birth weight as a predictor of problems later in life; and the high percentage of teenage pregancies in this part of the town"

During the session where members of the public could ask questions, Sir George asked about progress with investment in Andover Hospital, particularly the new Outpatients Department.
"I was re-assured that this is still in the pipeline; but the bureaucracy which the Government has imposed on the NHS means that the project is not scheduled to go out to tender until December 2008."

"I was however reassured by what Barbara North, Chris Evenett and Peter Knight said about the Trust's commitment to Andover."

Sir George was told that the Trust would be bidding for funds under the Government's Community Hospitals Programme for Andover Hospital. "If this bid, which I will strongly support, is successful, this could bring forward the investment in the hospital we all want to see."

Also in the public session, a question was asked about the financial pressures on the NHS locally. Chris Evennet said that compulsory redundancies could not be ruled out, as they sought to reduce the size of the workforce by 10%.The Financial Recovery Programme is aimed at eliminating the £7.6m deficit brought forward from last year.
"While the Trust is in the top third for most of the performance measurements, they need to be at the top in nearly all of them if they are to balance the books. The next two years are going to be very challenging ones. Those running the Trust believe they can make the necessary savings without threatening local services."

More details of Turnaround Project

An Initiative of the Test Valley Local Strategic Partnership

“We strive to improve the quality of life of those living and working in Test Valley especially those in greatest need.”

December 2004- John Spens then the Chief Executive of Testway Housing proposed that the partnership put some resources into looking at the issues in Alamein and St Mary's Ward in Andover. These two wards are the most deprived in Test Valley, according to the Indices of Multiple Deprivation (IMD).

January 2005- The TurnAround Project (TAP) group was formed. It was agreed that a method of Community Development called Participatory Needs Assessment (PNA) would be used.

• It was fortunate at the time that Liz Lee (a joint appointment, TBVC and ELTVS PCT) had experience in PNA and the PCT agreed that Liz could spend the time leading this work.
• Many practitioners were trained in PNA and the work began. A tight timescale was set and research completed by April 2005.
• Research included face to face interviews with people working in the area,
• Door to door interviews
• A community fun day with activities

April 2005 -July 2005 the report was written and a stakeholder day was planned for July 2005. This event was very well attended, a full report was written and priorities were set. Sixteen actions were agreed.

July 2005 -the TAP group became known as the Turnaround Implementation Group and has met monthly for the past year. All eight action groups of the LSP are putting effort into helping the TAP group to achieve its objectives.
As always it is not about putting new things in place but more about working better together and have better communications through the TAP group.

February 2006 -The first networking lunch for local practitioners working in Alamein ward was held in The Entertainer Public House, King Arthur's Way. More than fifty people attended. Following this a coordinated programme of activities was put on during half term week making use of King Arthur's Way Hall and local playing fields.
Throughout the year progress was made on all of the actions. The second very successful lunch was held in June 2005. It was decided that the project now needed a coordinator to make activities happen and increase the use of KA W hall. It was also decided that it may be helpful to have a one-stop shop at Atholl Court on King Arthur's Way as the hall is not big enough to facilitate this.

September 2006 - Neighbourhood Activity Coordinator was recruited and TVBC have agreed to refurbish the shop. Further work will now be carried out by the Coordinator to ensure best use of this facility.

Throughout this time we have been working closely with the committee of KAW hall. The committee with the support of officers from TVBC and HCC organised the redecoration of the hall. We are very optimistic that we can increase the membership and the skills to enable this group to become a Community Association and eventually employ the coordinator.

It is hoped one day to extend hall

The ethos of this project is to enable local people to do things for themselves and feel a part of the community they live in.

Janet Blann
Chief Executive
Test Valley Community Services

Action Plan

• Establish three new resident's groups
• Recruit new members to KA W hall committee and review use of hall.
• Ensure new play area is a success
• Locate local practitioners at KA W hall or Atholl Court shop Andover Family Learning to support Horizons group Organise after school activities with partners
• Hold regular Crime Reduction and Environment Weeks Establish junior warden scheme Ensure links with LAA
• Appoint Neighbourhood Activity Coordinator -managed bya steering group
• Establish a Family Centre in Alamein Ward
• Hold regular Networking lunches to keep everyone informed. Ensure appropriate media coverage

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