MEP comes to Thruxton
7 Oct 2006
Angela and Tim Southern, GY, Richard Ashworth MEP and Therese Coffey
Angela and Tim Southern, GY, Richard Ashworth MEP and Therese Coffey
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Richard Ashworth, one of the South East Regions Conservartive MEP's, came to the Amport Annual Dinner at Thruxton Village Hall.
Nearly 100 people filled the hall for the black tie dinner, and Richard Ashworth spoke about the EU.
He contrasted the circumstances in which it was founded nearly 50 years ago, with the circumstances today. "In the 1950's, people in Europe were starving and there was a need to produce enough food for people to survive. And so the Common Agricultural Policy was born. Nowadays, there is no comparable problem, and we need to ask why 40% of the Budget still goes on the CAP."
He also pointed out that, initially, there were five countries whereas there are now over 20 - so the decision making process then was no longer appropriate today.
Asked about immigration, Richard Ashworth drew a distinction between the "Polish plumber" - here legally, and adding to the country's wealth - and those Albanians, Romanians who were here illegally, and over whom the Government had lost control.
Asked about Turkey's admission to the EU, he pointed out that Turkey would have to make substantial progress before it could be admitted - removing its troops from Northern Cyprus and addressing human rights issues.

Sir George said "This was a really successful branch event, and many thanks to Tim Southern and Jane Morrison for masterminding it."
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