Sir George opens Andover Car Service
23 Oct 2006
Sara & Roger Parfitt, with GY
Sara & Roger Parfitt, with GY
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A new garage opened in Andover when Sir George cut the ribbon for Andover Car Service. Run by husband and wife team Roger and Sara Parfitt, who live in Upper Clatford, Andover Car Service will service vehicles under the Bosch franchise.
"They can offer the latest diagnostic equipment and plan to offer the same level of service as the main dealers - but with added personal service. Many people with high value cars have to take them to Salisbury or Basingstoke to be serviced - but they can be serviced by ACS without invalidating the warranty. They have tidied up the site, which has been derelict for some time, and they are filling an important gap in the market. I wish them well."
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