Clear out from Church Close
27 Oct 2006
Years of correspondence pulped by local firm
Years of correspondence pulped by local firm
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Charlie Cripps, who has been doing work experience for her local MP, has helped to clear out dead files.
"We were beginning to run out of space in my office. Despite emails, we accumulate a lot of paper and we were beginning to trip over each other. So we have had a mammoth clear out. "
"I wanted to make sure that the letters we are throwing out are properly disposed of, so I contacted a local firm in Tadley - Confidential Waste Handling - to dispose of it all."
"I have been the MP here for nearly ten years, and have not been ruthless enough with dead files. I am grateful to Charlie for doing what is not a very exciting job; she is half way through the B's - so has some way to go!"
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