Sir George launches Wear it Pink day in Basingstoke
27 Oct 2006
Sir George prepares to release the balloons at Basingstoke Hospital
Sir George prepares to release the balloons at Basingstoke Hospital
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Sir George Young MP joined staff at the Lodestone Patient Care's North Hampshire MRI on Wear it Pink Day to release thousands of pink balloons to signify those who are diagnosed with breast cancer on an annual basis in the United Kingdom.

Wearing a pink tie and pink shirt, Sir George let the balloons soar into a sunny autumn sky.

This Friday, all Lodestone Patient Care staff will 'Wear it Pink' and they are urging all their patients and visitors to do the same and donate £2 to the Breast Cancer Campaign. Across the UK, the target for this year is to raise £2.1 million pounds for vital research into a disease that sadly touches too many lives

Lodestone Patient Care provides vital diagnostic imaging services to the NHS throughout England. Breast Cancer diagnosis is central to their work and every year their MRI and unique and revolutionary PET/CT services provide essential screening to hundreds of local patients.

One woman in nine in the United Kingdom will develop breast cancer during her lifetime. Each year 41,000 women are newly diagnosed with breast cancer and on average 13,000 women will die from the disease. Survival rates are improving though, with on average 77 per cent of women still alive five years later.

Sir George said "Lodestone Patient Care's staff at the North Hampshire MRI play a crucial local role in the early diagnosis of breast cancer. I applaud the work they do and I'm delighted to support them in their fundraising efforts on 'Wear it Pink' Day"

Patrick Byrne, Chief Executive of Lodestone Patient Care said today:

"Wear it Pink Day is a critical day in the calendar for breast cancer awareness. Lodestone patient care is a proud supporter of the event because, being at the leading edge of diagnostics, we see day in day out how funds raised save lives
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