Sir George presents Skip2Bfit certificates
10 Nov 2006
David Kane, Miss Brown GY and John McCormack  with winners of  Skip2Bfit
David Kane, Miss Brown GY and John McCormack with winners of Skip2Bfit
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Sir George with John McCormack
Sir George with John McCormack
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Sir George went to Portway Junior School in Andover, to present the certificates to the best skippers of the day.

"Testway, the local housing association, has been running Testway 7's sports programme very successfully for the past five years, and has branched out by introducing skipping to local junior schools. This is to reinforce the work being done by teachers and parents to encourage children to lead a healthier lifestyle."

"Skip2Bfit is an initiative of John McCormack's, which combines education, healthy eating and physical exercise into one. In a week, Skip2Bfit and Testway got over 1000 children to take part."

"The skipping ropes that John uses have counters built into them, so the children can see how often they skipped in a given length of time. Over the next 6 weeks, they will see how they can improve their fitness and co-ordination."

"At the end of the programme, the best teacher - Miss Brown - had a final skip-out with Kaya Humphries, the best skipper, narrowly won by Kaya"

Kaya is front right in the picture.

Helping John McCormack was Dave Kane, Testway's Sports C oordinator. Dave is responsible for Testway 7s, the sports project that aims to keep youngsters occupied and away from committing anti social behaviour. Skipping is new to Testway 7s, so far Dave has offered boys and girls rugby, girls football, boxing, cricket, tae kwon do and this summer fishing, which was very well received by youngsters from the youth offending team and Mencap.

"This was a very impressive and imaginative use of the curriculum - they even got me to have a go, but the picture is sadly unavailable."
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