Local MP's visit Tadley Horizon
10 Nov 2006
Vanessa Wilkinson (Principal) GY and Maria Miller MP
Vanessa Wilkinson (Principal) GY and Maria Miller MP
Maria Miller and Sir George Young visited the newly opened Tadley Horizon School on the borders of their two constituencies. They were shown round by the Principal, Vanessa Wilkinson. They also met Stephen Bradshaw, Managing Director
for Education and Young People's Services.
"The school is in large grounds, in a building that was a conference centre for the waterboard. The Priory Group, which runs the school, have invested several million pounds in it and it educates and cares for children who suffer from autism. Some are severely disturbed, and have been at a variety of homes and institutions before coming to tadley."
Pupils can either be boarders, or can live at home. Their ages range from 4 to 19. At the moment, there are about a dozen pupils there, as the numbers build up. There are about 60 employees, giving a very supportive teacher-pupil ratio. The children are sponsored by their local authorities, and the school encourages parental contact and support.

"Maria and I were very impressed by the commitment and professionalism of the staff; and by the range of equipment available at the school. We were also pleased to hear that the school has built bridges with the local community."

Building work is continuing on the site
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