MPs flood to avert a water crisis
28 Nov 2006
Sir George at Blueprint Launch
Sir George at Blueprint Launch
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Sir George pledged his support for the Blueprint for Water – 10 steps to sustainable water by 2015 in Parliament.

"The Blueprint for Water is compiled by an unprecedented coalition of environmental and angling organisations representing more than six million people. It urges the Government to slash the amount of water wasted in homes and businesses, asks for an increase in fines for water pollution and calls for the creation of a fund to help urban and rural communities restore river catchments."

The Blueprint sets out a clear and achievable programme of action that the Government must take in order to meet agreed European standards for water management. The Water Framework Directive requires the ecology of Europe’s fresh waters to be restored to health by 2015.

“The EU Water Framework Directive presents a once-in-a-generation opportunity to reverse the neglect of our water resources and freshwater environment. I fully endorse what the Blueprint for Water coalition is advocating with their ten-point plan of action for sustainable water by 2015.

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Next news: Sir George backs Clatford Quiz - download it here!

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