Sir George backs Shelter Campaign
4 Dec 2006
Sir George backs Shelter's Campaign
Sir George backs Shelter's Campaign
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"We need to build more affordable homes" said Sir George, as he backed Shelters campaign, along with MP's from all parties

Sir George joined the lobby to build more affordable homes for rent homes at a Parliamentary event on Monday 4 December.

As part of a campaign by housing charity Shelter, Sir George posted a red rubber brick to the Chancellor as a symbol of his support for the charity’s call to build more social rented homes for families in the greatest housing need.

Shelter aims to send a total of 20,000 bricks to Gordon Brown to persuade him to fund an extra 20,000 social homes each year when he sets out his three-year spending plans next summer.

The MP event follows the publication by Shelter last week of new research to mark 40 years since its launch and the first broadcast of ‘Cathy Come Home’ showing that one in seven children in Britain – 1.6 million overall – is homeless or badly housed.

Sir George said: “Spiralling prices and a chronic shortage of social homes mean many of my constituents are caught in a housing ‘catch 22’ through no fault of their own. Gordon Brown has to fund more homes for Hampshire families when he sets out his spending plans next year.”
Adam Sampson, chief executive of Shelter, said: “Four decades after Cathy Come Home, many ordinary families still struggle to find a safe and decent home. In 1966 the Government built 142,000 new social homes – last year we managed just 18,000 while selling off many more through the Right to Buy.
“The critical shortage of affordable housing is robbing children in our region and across the country of a decent health, education and future chances.
“Shelter is calling on MPs and the people of to sign a Shelter brick and challenge Gordon Brown to fund much-needed extra social homes for families in need.”
In June 2006 the Communities and Local Government Select Committee endorsed Shelter's campaign for an extra 20,000 social rented homes to be built each year above existing commitments. In his 2005 Pre-Budget Report the Chancellor acknowledged that new social housing must be a priority in next summer's Comprehensive Spending Review (2007).
Members of the public can sign a virtual red Shelter brick at .

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