One Nation Conservatives
29 Dec 2006
Today I'm delighted to help the One Nation group of Conservatives by publishing online Andrew Tyrie MP's new pamphlet: One Nation Again.

In the pamphlet Andrew asserts that the Conservative Party is renewing itself by reclaiming some of the most powerful – and electorally resonant – strands of the One Nation tradition. He identifies four key areas where, given Labour's misguided decisions of the last decade, the One Nation approach can now be most gainfully applied:
  • revitalising our institutions, reforming Parliament, restoring the independence of the civil service, and buttressing individual liberty;
  • improving public services through freeing up the supply of self-governing schools and hospitals as well as introducing choice for parents and patients;
  • tackling exclusion through developing a new relationship with the voluntary sector so that the demand for government intervention can fall;
  • and adopting a more considered approach to foreign policy, rejecting both the Prime Minister’s militant liberal imperialism and xenophobic little Englandism.
A copy of the pamphlet can be read or downloaded here or at the link below.
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Next news: Conservatives take seat off Labour in Basingstoke

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