Sir George backs School Building Appeal
12 Feb 2007
  Rachel Cox Gareth Hughes (Acting Head) GY Sarah Terndrup ( Chair of governors) Jane Hayward and Surinder Bains
Rachel Cox Gareth Hughes (Acting Head) GY Sarah Terndrup ( Chair of governors) Jane Hayward and Surinder Bains
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Attending the launch of the appeal for £100,000, Sir George pledged himself to do all he could to help.
"This is a great school, and it will be even better when this work is finished."

Smannell and Enham Church of England Primary School was founded in 1873 and over the years it has gone from strength to strength and continues to be an asset to the community. There is a fantastic team of staff, supportive parents,hardworking governors and of course WONDERFUL children.

The school is one of the last schools in Hampshire to still have a wooden classroom and parts of the building are in desperate need of refurbishment. It is currently well below the statutory size for the number of pupils it has. There is no dedicated special needs area and subsequently any children with these needs, be they minor or severe, are taught in odd corners around the school including cold and draughty corridors or the library which is often not available for this use.

A once in a life time opportunity has presented itself which will enable the school to finally realise its full potential and to bring it in to the twenty first century, in the form of a substantial building project.
The new project would facilitate amongst other areas, three new classrooms, a special needs area, an ICT room, adequate washrooms and a staff room.

As a church of England aided school, the parochial diocese are paying for 90% of the build costs, leaving the school to find 10%, resulting in a figure of approximately £100,000.There is NO government funding available and all this money has to be raised by parents, governors and all who have a vested interest in the continued success of the school.

A fundraising committee has been formed and part of their remit is to appeal to parents, ex pupils, householders and parishioners ,local companies and anyone that can help with raising this sum of money.

On Monday 12th February a launch was held at the school by the fundraising committee at which parents, parishioners, councillors and our local MP Sir George Young were invited. Two meetings were held ,one in the afternoon and one in the evening. Surinder Bains talked about the various events that were being planned including a 10 k fun run in June, an auction of promises, a barn dance, a ladies night , a gala ball and many others. with the first event of fun and games to be held in the Wildhern Village Hall on the 23rd March which includes a quiz, bingo ,horse racing , a hot supper and a licensed bar. Requests were made for people to help join the steering committee, volunteer to help at these events as well as attend them and to donate prizes for the auction of promises and raffles.

Jane Hayward went on to show what people could do to help by doing what they might be doing already but that could help the appeal at the same time as well as ideas that they could organise by themselves. For instance attending girls nights and supper parties, organising coffee mornings or bridge parties, paying £1.00 for every pound lost if on a diet or £2.00 paid if a pound is put on, doing car boot sales, parachute jumps getting children to wash cars, amongst many other ideas and charging a small fee or donating to the appeal.

A brochure was given out which outlined some of the proposed events that will take place over the coming two years as well as a standing order mandates and gift aid forms
along with a form to fill in whereby ones name could be inscribed on a brick as a permanent reminder of their children or help they have given. A leaflet on how to shop on the internet but give money to the appeal at the same time was also given out.
Shop on line at whereby one can access all ones favourite shops such as Amazon ,Marks and Spencers, John Lewis ,Tescos and many others and at no extra cost to yourself and the appeal will receive between 5 and 10% of any purchase made.

Enquiries about how you can help can be made to the school on 01264 323201
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