Andover's Bridge St Post Office is safe, MP is told
14 May 2007
Sir George has been told by the Post Office that the Crown Post Office in Andover will not be closed.
The Head of External Relations has told him

"We will continue to run 373 flagship Crown Post Offices in UK towns and cities alongside those branches run by private Sub-Postmasters and by retail franchise partners. Included within the 373 flagship Crown branches is the Crown Post Office in Andover within your constituency. We wanted to confirm to you personally that this branch remains within the Crown network and that Post Office Ltd will continue to own and directly manage the branch, thus ending a lengthy period of uncertainly for our customers and our people. "

While Sir George welcomed this news, he remains concerned about the axe hanging over the rural subpost offices in his constituency. The letter he got went on to say

"As you will be aware, Post Office Ltd is awaiting an announcement from Government over the future funding of almost 14,000 Sub Post Office branches (smaller branches, owned and managed by private Sub¬Postmasters and by retail franchise partners). Once Government has published its recommendations, following the recently completed 12-week national consultation process, Post Office Ltd will commence the phased preparation and implementation of the resultant plans. As soon as possible after this, i.e., once the timeline for regional consultations has been finalised, we shall be writing to you again with details of when and how we intend to carry out the process for your constituency.
If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me. "

Sir George said that he was awaiting the government announcement, expected soon and would be fighting to maintain a viable network in his constituency.

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Next news: Sir George opens Project Workshops Summer Exhibition at Quarley

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