Sir George questions Prime Minister on strengthening Parliament
4 Jul 2007
This is the exchange between Gordon Brown and Sir George, after the Prime Minister's statement on the Constitution.

Sir George Young (North-West Hampshire) (Con): The Prime Minister prefaced his remarks by saying that he wanted to give more power to Parliament. Would not Parliament have more power, and would not it do its job better, if the Committee that decides how to relate to the Executive was chaired by a Back-Bench Member of Parliament, not by a member of the Cabinet?

The Prime Minister: That, again, is a matter for the Modernisation Committee. Obviously, we are willing to discuss these issues. However, I have to tell the right hon. Gentleman that the proposals that we have put forward are a very significant transfer of power from the Executive to Parliament in all the areas that I have set out. The matter that he raises is one on which discussions can take place in this House.
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